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Re: [IP] What Is Wrong....

At 07:57 PM 1/27/2010, Jay Wilson wrote:
>I agree.
>  It is, however, disengenuous for us to assume we have a co-operative partner
>with our insurance company, or Medicare for that matter, based upon 
>our and our
>employers' premiums and our lifetime Medicare insurance payments.
>  Something better is coming. Nothing worse could happen, based upon the hoops
>all of us jump through or trip over to get reasonable support for our medical
>needs. We ARE all worth it, you are right. It is unfortunate that needs to be
>stated. Jay

I'm curious now.  What do you do about glucose test strips?  They are 
way more expensive than my pump supplies.  At this time, about $100 a 
month more expensive.  Don't tell me you only test once or twice per day?

I agree with Veronica.  I pay a premium to my insurance 
company.  Their contract with me says they will pay for this and 
that.  The state I live in says that the insurance company must pay 
for the diabetes supplies prescribed by my doctor.  When they refuse 
to do so, they are breaking the contract and state law.  They should 
not be allowed to do so, and I should not have to reuse infusion sets 
at high peril to my well being.  Let me tell you something.  I 
watched my sister, who also had Type 1 diabetes, get her leg chopped 
off and eventually die because her insurance company was more 
interested in profits than her life.  I will not allow that to happen to me.

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