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Re: [IP] Re: Take It Easy

MDII works for some people.  I happen to have a very strong dawn  
phenomenon, and require over twice the basal at 8 am that I do at  
midnight.  If I took enough Lantus to get me at a reasonable level in  
the morning, I'd go into shock overnight.  If I adjusted my Lantus low  
enough I didn't go into shock, I'd be over 200 when I woke up.  When  
a1c's became a regular part of therapy, I almost never made it below  
8--9, and it wasn't for lack of trying.  Best I ever did was 7.9.  The  
first three months of pumping, while I was still having a lot of  
trouble with sets and basals, my a1c was around 7.5, and today I am  
almost never above 7.  (I do suspect my last, 5.2, was due to anemia  
from chemotherapy, as I've never been below 6 before,)  For me, a pump  
is clearly better than the best combination of Lantus/fast-acting,  
unless I want to get up and give myself a shot around 4 am.  And it's  
not a matter of convenience or not taking shots.  It's the  
programmable basal.  Might add that I have 13 rates over the course of  
a day.
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