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Re: [IP] Re: Take It Easy

--- On Sat, 1/31/09, Charles Soderstrom <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I used a pump for about 4 years and my  Pump Dr. ask  me to
> go on Lantus
> and Novalog before each meal.
> When I take a shot I know that the insulin is goining get
> in there and be absorbed.
> I have a rutine of each evning I take my Lantus at 9:00 PM.
> Then I have five syring envelops marked for each time
> tomorrow.  These envelopes are used in hospitals. .I use a
> syring for several days..  I draw up the two for AM and PM
> Lantus for tomorow.  Then the 3 for Novalog.
> I can put the envelope for next meal in my shirt pocket and
> take it with to where ever I am going to eat..
> My A1c's have alwasy been in the 7.0 to 7.5 range.
>  By the way syrines are readly available and cheap.
> Charles Soderstrom D.D.S.

 I'm glad injections work for you. I had horrible control on injections for my
first 18 years with Type 1 diabetes. Starting the pump 4 years ago has
completely changed my life for the better. I would not want to go back to eating
the same things at the same times every day. I love the ability to change my
basal rate when needed or to extend a bolus when eating out. You can't do those
things with a vial & syringe. Also, inserting an infusion set every 3 days and
filling a reservoir every 7-10 days takes a whole lot less time than filling all
of those syringes!

 My A1cs have been in the 5 range except for 2 results of 6.1 (or 6.2?) while

 I'm curious as to why you're a member of this list if you're not pumping and
don't have any plans to go back? Most of the posts I've seen from you are
similar to the one above, where you go on about syringes and how cheap they are.
I think most people here love the freedom that pumping offers and don't want to
ever go back to injections.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 722 + CGMS
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