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Re: [IP] Re: Take It Easy

At 02:57 AM 1/31/2009, Charles Soderstrom wrote:
>There are a number of people on this list that started out before 
>there were meters that we could use.
>I belive that I have only had a meter for half of my 54 years.
>The same is true of getting A1c levels measured.
>There are some people that post things on this site that could "let 
>up a little"and you will get the same result.
>I used a pump for about 4 years and my  Pump Dr. ask  me to go on Lantus
>and Novalog before each meal.
>When I take a shot I know that the insulin is goining get in there 
>and be absorbed.
>I have a rutine of each evning I take my Lantus at 9:00 PM. Then I 
>have five syring envelops marked for each time tomorrow.  These 
>envelopes are used in hospitals. .I use a syring for several 
>days..  I draw up the two for AM and PM Lantus for tomorow.  Then 
>the 3 for Novalog.
>I can put the envelope for next meal in my shirt pocket and take it 
>with to where ever I am going to eat..
>My A1c's have alwasy been in the 7.0 to 7.5 range.
>  By the way syrines are readly available and cheap.
>Charles Soderstrom D.D.S.

Yes, I lived without meters and A1cs for quite a long time.  I've had 
Type 1 for 46 years.

That's great if you want to eat only on a specific three meal 
schedule.  I tend to eat when I wish or when I'm actually hungry.  My 
A1cs with the pump have always been in the lower 5s (last two were 
5.1).  I lost weight when I went on the pump.  I'd never go back on 
injections.  Cheaper is not always better.

To each his own and YMMV.

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