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Re: [IP] Holiday Blues

The numbers are a standard of our best possible care and it means to take 
notice and make changes to get that A1C number down. For myself:
I have to pack healthy choice snacks so I don't resort from picking from the 
60 cent snack bin at work. (it saves me money plus works toward my lowered 
I only snack when I am hungry-for myself, my tummy has to really growl and I 
cannot snack because I am bored and what I have to eat sounds good.
A reward for me is that I don't eat my three snacks I have packed for 
myself. I beat my temptations to eat when I am not hungry-end result is my 
weight and Aic as long term reward. Yes, being hungry is there but as we now 
we have to treat the low before it happens. ... I am just trying to regulate 
need over want regarding food. I look as a need as stopping a low from 
happening, if the pattern of lows continue then I need to lower my basal 
rate which hasn't happen yet but soon I know I can. Honestly, where it is 
seems high for me, so I will keep trying!
My snacks mostly include a snack size bag of cheerios, an apple, a low fat 
yogurt, turkey,cheese, fresh spinach rollup, varying what I pack on the day. 
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> Jan,
> Great reminder that we are not our numbers! I think that is my biggest
> challenge at times. Let us act on the numbers, not react emotionally!
> Suz
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>> Between the holidays and being put on steroids,
>> my sugars have been all over the place. I have been so careful
>> watching what I eat and testing and I am still hitting 200 for no
>> good reason at times, with eating the exact same food, same
>> excercise, same amount of insulin that gave me a sugar of 100 the day 
>> before.
> Remember, these numbers are just that: Numbers. They are not a grade of
> excellence or failure. They are given to us to act upon. There is always 
> the
> next time. ;-)
> You can only do what you can do. I never did a home BG my first 32 years 
> of DM,
> and never had an A1c my first 35 years or so. We just didn't know. Now we 
> know,
> and can only act on the information.
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