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Re: [IP] Infusion sites that are difficult to reach - hints SVP

Hi Anna,

I was just having a feeling of deja-vu.
I just knew I had read this e-mail before.
It did come through the other day.
I am not going to try my arms again, by the way.
I now have some bruising that is below the area where I put the sets.
I asked the doctor about it, and she could not figure it out.
She just told me that maybe I shouldn't do it again.
I went back to the belly again.

Linda Hatch

At 01:00 PM 1/30/2009, you wrote:
>Just reading Linda's tips on putting her infusion set into areas that for
>myself to do it is abit awkward (would love to use my back area). Do any of
>you have your partner in crime give you a hand with those difficult sites.
>I'd been MDI (averaged 5 shots a day) for 39 years prior to going on the pump
>- and even when I was deathly ill - would not let my husband/parent give my
>insulin shot to me - I am one stubborn mule aren't I?  I have shown my hubby
>how I put my insets in manually - as well as an automated 90 degree set (which
>is the one I think I'll let him put on me).  I'm just trying to get up the
>nerve to trust him with putting one in place for me!  So far, I've not run out
>of spots on my stomach/legs - rotate alot - give a month inbetween to heal -
>but I've only been pumping since Oct 2007 - so still a semi-virgin in the scar
>tissue area so to speak.
>Hopefully this post goes thru' - as I tried a few days ago - and it never
>showed up on the email digest.
>Anna from Montreal (FatCatAnna)
>Animas 2020
>Oct 2008 - A1C 5.9
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