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[IP] Orbit 90

Does anyone use these sets?  I just got some samples and have some 
questions.  I am guessing that the site attached to your body is 
sealed so that if you disconnect, you don't have to worry about 
anything getting through since there is no cover to put over the site 
while your disconnected.  While I know that most sets coverings don't 
really do anything other than to keep the set from getting snagged on 
things, if you're swimming in a lake or laying around on the sandy 
beach disconnected, I'd sure feel a bit better if something was 
covering the set for the most part.

Anyhow, I ended up getting a box of 10 sets (I don't think they send 
that many out as samples do they?) and I noticed that two of the sets 
have lost the needle-guard covering.  This is very similar to the 
problem that the QuickSets had a few years ago.  Can I trust those 
sets to be ok with them bouncing around in the packaging against 
everything else with no needle-covers?

Thirdly, in the insertion instructions, they tell you to "Swab septum 
and connector with alcohol pad."  This is on the first insertion, 
they never do give any instructions on how to disconnect and 
reconnect.  So, back to my second question, if the stuff needs to be 
swabbed with alcohol when you first take it out of the packaging to 
use it, does that mean the needles that have lost their covers could 
be compromised?  I've never had that recommended with any other set I've used.

So far, I'm not impressed.

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