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[IP] Infusion sites that are difficult to reach - hints SVP

Just reading Linda's tips on putting her infusion set into areas that for
myself to do it is abit awkward (would love to use my back area). Do any of
you have your partner in crime give you a hand with those difficult sites. 
I'd been MDI (averaged 5 shots a day) for 39 years prior to going on the pump
- and even when I was deathly ill - would not let my husband/parent give my
insulin shot to me - I am one stubborn mule aren't I?  I have shown my hubby
how I put my insets in manually - as well as an automated 90 degree set (which
is the one I think I'll let him put on me).  I'm just trying to get up the
nerve to trust him with putting one in place for me!  So far, I've not run out
of spots on my stomach/legs - rotate alot - give a month inbetween to heal -
but I've only been pumping since Oct 2007 - so still a semi-virgin in the scar
tissue area so to speak.
Hopefully this post goes thru' - as I tried a few days ago - and it never
showed up on the email digest. 
Anna from Montreal (FatCatAnna)
Animas 2020
Oct 2008 - A1C 5.9
Diabetes1.org - Your Complete Source for Diabetes Care-
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 11:23:56 -0800
From: Linda <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Teresa using arm site 
I  have been pumping just a little over a year. Starting one week ago, I tried
my first arm site.
I personally use QuickSets 9mm and an inserter, so it was not hard. There was
actually no pain putting it in either. By the 3rd day, though, I am ready to
change it out because for some  reason, it gets sore. When I take it out, it
does not look inflamed or anything.
At least this is giving my abdomen area a break. Next I think I will use a
back site. I just need to make sure I can reach it to disconnect/reconnect for
Good luck,
Linda H. 

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