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RE: [IP] Re question for omnipod users

Compared to a standard pump insert, the OmniPod is HUGE, but I believe that
the benefits of no tubing and the benefits of not having to see a needle go in
completely trump the size.  I don't have trouble with it under my clothes, but
some things that I wear does show that there is something underneath.  I have
been really happy with it  and feel like the customer service that they
provide has been satisfactory.  I feel like the PDM is easy to maneuver and it
keeps all my information together and I can view it...just like standard
pumps.  I don't know about the 'dummy' pod, but my CDE was very informative
about the OmniPod and I was able to get a little hands on experience prior to
making my final decision.  I didn't, however, get to actually wear a pod,
which I felt would have been useful.  My A1c is infinitely better since
starting the OmniPod last January.  I've had some issues with malfunctioning
pods that were immediately replaced by the
 company when I called.  They advertise that it is virtually pain-free and I
concur...In the last year I've had 2 pods that I removed because there was
significant pain during insertion (probably because I hit muscle).  I would be
happy to discuss any specific questions that you may have...let me know!


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Some time back I think people in the USA could get a dummy OmniPod to wear
around for a couple of days to see how it felt.  Perhaps if you get in touch
with the people who supply OmniPod in your country, they may give you a
loaner for a couple of days even if this dummy thing is not available any
more.  Another option is to ask your diabetes educator if she/he could put
you in touch with some OmniPod users in your area.  Mine did that for me
when I was considering my Cozmo, and not only did I get to talk to someone
who had been living with a Cozmo for months, but I also got to make a new
pumping friend who lives close to me.  :-)

(in Australia)

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From: Tanya

Hello, I am not happy with the pump company I have dealt with for 4
years and there are much better ones out there today(newer technology),
so that is why I am looking elsewhere. Also since I am a mother with 2
young children(one 3 month old), I have had my tubing pulled out many
times, and by myself also, so I thought tubeless would be worth looking

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