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Subject: Re: [IP] What do you do when there is not enough insulin to fill the reservoir?

Roselea wrote, in part:
> Well, with my insurance which now rations
> my insulin and wants me to use every drop,
> I don't have the option to throw it away.

How does your insurance know how much insulin you are actually using? 
Doesn't your doctor write on the Rx how much you *need* daily for your pump. 
That would include tubing filling.

Linda addressed me with: > Jan & Muskers,
> Do you use the type of set that comes with 2 cannulas per every
> reservoir and tubing?
> If not, Don't you have a lot of supplies left over with no cannulas?

No, I do not. I use SofSets QR. I reuse the cartridges/reservoirs, not the 
tubing. I save the filler needles and screw them back onto the resv. to fill 
it, after withdrawing the insulin in the tubing. I get about 40u in it which 
includes the insulin in the hub, and what was left over in the resev. 
already. Sometimes as much as 60u.

I reuse lancets and reservoirs, but not infusion sets. Oh, and I am 
wondering why it's dangerous to mix vials of insulin. In 57+ years of IDDM I 
have never knowingly had a problem with it. I would think Quality Control 
guards them delicately to not vary. The older pumpers means they were fairly 
close to the Great Depression and wasted nothing. I'm 68.5. YMMV (Your 
Mileage May Vary.)

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