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[IP] Re: Fw: insulin to use

Hi Christene,
When I started on my pump last year, I had a gazillion vials of Lantus, and
a gazillion boxes of syringes hanging around that I no longer needed.  I
donated them to a local "healthcare for the homeless" kind of place.  They
were very happy to get the stuff.  Just call first to find out if they
accept it.  And I would definitely let them know about the temperature dip,
too, just in case.


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 08:54:25 -0800 (PST)
From: CM Ullom <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Fw: insulin to use


 I'm not sure who will get this but I have an IP question for you. here's

 Back in november my insurance carrier shipped me my 3 month supply of
with out letting me know. The insulin sat on my step for several hours, and
know it dipped to 20 degrees or lower. Now their pharmacist said it's no
But I really don't know.

 Here's the thing, I do not know if its good or bad. All 12 vials were put
in my
fridge and have been there since UNOPENED. But that's 12 vials - at least
$1107.48 worth of insulin that I just can't think of throwing away when
could be someone out there that could use this insulin. I finally got my new
refill of my insulin yesterday so I'm all set for the next three months.

 I would like to donate this - maybe it could help someone out. But I know
is a prescription item, so wasn't sure. I know folks sell it on ebay, but
not looking for that. I paid my co-pay on this, and that was that.

Please let me know what you think


 ps; guess i wasn't sure if this is a main list question or a help question,
yikes sending it to both
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