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Re: [IP] What do you do when there is not enough insulin to fill the reservoir?

Hi to everyone who answered this.
I use the MM 522 and the reservoir goes up to 180 units.
You have to pull the plunger down to a line to pull down the amount 
of insulin you want in the reservoir and then inject that air into the vial.
I know you all know this, but if you aren't sure how much is still in 
the vial and it runs out before the plunger is down to the 180 U 
mark, then don't you have to inject air into a new vial so that you 
finish filling up the reservoir?
I really don't care if I mix old with new because it's only getting 
used 3 days at a time.

I wish the Quicksets from MM came with more cannulas and half the 
tubing and reservoirs.
It just seems like such a waste of plastic that is going to end up in 
the landfill.

Speaking of throwing this stuff away, do you just put it in the trash 
and toss it, or do you put it into those special red containers.
That could get expensive because all that tubing takes up a lot of room.
Thanks again, Linda H.

At 08:09 PM 1/30/2008, you wrote:
>  i use it to the last drop! sometimes there is just enough to fill 
> my tubing and
>i'll use that as well. if your worried about missing old with new, 
>then i would
>run the res on the old until its gone, then refill that res with the new stuff
>and run the rest of the time you'd normally run your site. But thats 
>me and not
>for all
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>From: Linda <email @ redacted>
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>Hi All,
>What do you do when there is not enough insulin to fill the reservoir
>but you feel that it is too much to throw away?
>I was thinking about this and figured that the next time it happens,
>I would just start a new insulin vial, add in some air using a
>syringe and then finish the job.
>That way I would be sucking the old one dry and not feel like I am wasting it.
>Do any of you do something like this, or do you just throw it away?
>Just curious.
>Linda Hatch
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