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Re: [IP] What do you do when there is not enough insulin to fill the reservoir?

>  Ooops had to chime back in... I am currently having insurance
>  troubles
> concerning my insulin... when I filled the prescription last (Jan 4)
> the pharmacy would only give me 2 bottles of insulin instead of 3..
> they something to the effect of they had been "audited by the
> insurance and I could only get 2". Well I was on my way out of town on
> a family emergency so didn't have time to start the arguement there..
> and I am actualy not sure if I need to call the prescription plan
> people.. or the insurance or argue with the pharmacist. Cuz when I
> figured it all up I would generally use 2350 units of insulin in a
> month. This covers priming tubing on every 3 day changes, basal,
> bolus, and some for high. Now how in the Heck am I supposed to last
> the last few days of the month .. I am very careful with my insulin
> and don't fill it absolutely every 30 days.. it varies.. depending on
> if I'm sick, well, exercising, what kind of food plan i'm following
> etc. So anyway.. my insulin available h!
>   as become extra precious.. gee maybe when I run out of my 2 bottles
>   and it's
> not 30 days yet I should just stop and after they pay for my hospital
> bill they might be smarter.
> Linda & Dax

This is pure B.S.

You need to go back to the insurance company immediately and 
challenge this. Don't go to the third party pharmacy fullfillment 
company that your insurance carrier uses, go directly to the 
insurance company and file an urgent appeal. Be prepared to go to the 
insurance comissionar's office as the next step since we all know 
that mammals die if they do not have insulin, never mind that you 
have diabetes. To hedge your bets, call your doctor's office and have 
the prescription written as follows:

"brand" insulin 1000u vials
90u per day
dispense 30 day supply

Challenge the current "ban" on your insulin by questioning about 
"practicing medicine" and "where in my contract of insurance does it 
say that insulin is limited to 2 vials per month?

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