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Re: [IP] Re: FYI Symlin Injector Pen Shipping

Kathleen said:
I assume the 60 pens is designed to last one week also for those take 60.

Julie says:
Because the 60 pens have 1.5 ml each and the 120 pens contain 2.7 ml each,
they are not comparable in terms of days of usage.  The 120 pens are packaged
so that one box will last a person on the 60 mcg dose for 4 weeks and those on
the 120 mcg dose for 2 weeks.  However, a 60 pen will last 8.3 days for a
person on the 60 mcg dose. 6 boxes of the 60 Pen would give me 100 days

This is where Maryle and I have found the problem and why I am appealing
Medco's policy of rounding down to BCBS.

With the 120 pens, however, there is no problem because 3 boxes will last
maryle and me exactly 90 days.  No need for rounding.

Maryle said:
I think I see the original prescription estimate waswrong, probably thinking
1000 units a vial instead of 600 units a vial.

Yes, I have BCBS. Having Caremark was a wonderful break. They sent insulin
andsymlin in better packaging and always a two day delivery UPS or FedEx
withtracking to show me when it would arrive. I've never been treated so well.
Nowback to reality with Medco.
Julie says:
I agree completely, Maryle.  I didn't realize how wonderful Caremark was until
I had to deal with Medco.

And yes, I had trouble with the retail pharmacy too figuring my vials wrong.
I finally got them to see that a vial was what I needed every 2 weeks, but the
retail pharmacy was charging me $24. a vial, so I have to use Medco.  The math
is not easy but pharmacists should know how to do it better than they do.


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