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[IP] Pump recommendations

Hi - I guess I'm sort of a returning member here.  I was active on the
boards back when I got my first pump (a Minimed Paradigm) several years ago,
but had kind of fallen away.


Now my pump (out of warranty for quite awhile) has died on me!  Yes, I knew
this could happen and probably should have gotten around to getting a new
one sooner, but cost is definitely an issue, and in the past I've never had
my pump out-and-out fail.I'd exchanged my pump under warranty several times,
but had never had a pump actually become unusable.  So I guess I was hoping
I might get some advance warning that my pump was nearing the end of its
life, but no such luck. 


Anyway, obviously I'm in the market for a new pump.being back on injections
is getting old fast, and it's only been a day or so!  I'm strongly leaning
toward the Animas 2020 and would love to hear feedback (positive and
negative) from those who have it, as well as any recommendations for other
pumps. The Omnipod system (which I just now learned about from reading some
of the past posts.shows how out of the loop I've been!) looks pretty cool,
but it doesn't appear to be in my insurance's PPO network (and I'm not sure
I could afford the 30% copays on the pods even if it were.it looks like
they're substantially more expensive than conventional pump supplies).  The
Cozmo pump also does not appear to be in my PPO network.  


Anyway, thanks for any feedback!  
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