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Re: [IP] You shouldn't just discount people's fears

 Please do not stop posting. I did not read most of the 'fear' stuff as I did
not want to get in that downward spiral. I was a preschooler when my brother was
dx and my daughter was barely four when she was dx.....it is what it is and you
do the best you can under the circumstances. Both of my kids have had
neurosurgery out of town and I was by myself during it and we did fine. I raise
them to be happy with who they are, set goals but to accept those things they
cannot change and not dwell on them....that includes D, my MS, their neuro
conditions etc.........sure pain is associated with D as are sticks and that is
just a fact and it does not help anyone to dwell on the negative side of
anything......to focus on the positives not the negatives.......my .02
  Bev, mom to Mary, 13, dx 1997, pumping Animas 20001

Elaine N Dalager <email @ redacted> wrote:
  Yes, the forum allows people to express their opinions and talk about
anything related to pumping. It is my understanding that fear is
psychological. Diabetes is indeed a very tough disease; I certainly did not
say it wasn't. I did not discount fears; sometimes you just have to do what
you have to do, with diabetes and with many other diseases and life
challenges. That was my first post; probably my last.


Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 17:38:53 -0700
From: Allison 

Subject: Re: [IP] Anyone else dread changing their site?

Well, thankfully, on this forum, we can talk about anything related to 
pumping, good or bad. I'm not going to lie and hide the hard truths. 
Diabetes is a tough disease and there is nothing perfect about MDI or 

Unfortunately everyone on this list isn't as lucky as you are, to not 
have a fear of needles, you shouldn't just discount people's fears as 
"really only psychological."

- -- 
Mom to Tarek, 14 y.o., dx Type 1 11/98, Animas 1250, Novolog

Elaine N Dalager wrote:
No pain. Not to worry. Pumpers should stop frightening those D's looking
for information about becoming a "pumper"!? Fear of needles is really only
psychological - just like injecting into the stomach. I had LESS discomfort
(a second at most) injecting into stomch than in my leg, arm or buttock! I
LOVE MY PUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Previous MDI; Dx 36 years ago; MM522 since 11/30/06


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