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Re: [IP] The future of CGMS (what I think)

Frightening is what it is.
The CGMS companies would all make a lot more money (via volume of 
customers) if they would lower rather than raise the price! $60 for 8 days 
is outrageous (as is $35 for 3 days)
Just my 2cents.
Regarding the FDA.....why are they so perturbed if there have not been any 
serious incidents from longer, off-label use? I've not heard of any, wonder 
if anyone anywhere has had a problem with longer use.
DEB55 (whose sensors tend to last 15 days lately)

>Rick wrote:

>  > suzeeq asked:
>  > So what do you all think about this?
>Well, for Minimed users the integrated transmitter certainly avoids the
>taping issues with the current one. But I need to remind all of you, the
>FDA is apparently dedicated to preventing *ANY* "off-label" use of
>Sensors for extended periods. So those of us who use Minimed or Dexcom
>Sensors for 2 weeks each (and even longer) will face a HUGE cost
>increase.... perhaps so great that we will have to discontinue our
>"continuous" usage.
>A 6-day Sensor at the same price as the current one TRIPLES my cost. But
>my vendor, Dexcom, sounds like they're gonna INCREASE the cost on the
>new waterproof "extended wear" Sensor, because the official cost per day
>will be better (instead of "3 days" at $35, maybe 8 days for around
>$60). Since I get about 18 days from each $35 Sensor, that's a disaster.
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