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[IP] 20 minutes is NOT enough for EMLA

My buddy Jan said:
 > EMLA cream needs to be apply for its greatest effectiveness,
 > 20 minutes before insertion and covered with Saran Wrap
 > or similar material.

But she went on to say that it takes 1-1/2 hours for her. This LATTER 
figure is much more appropriate, I recommend 75 minutes before wiping 
clean and inserting whatever it is you're stabbing into there.

I use a cheap L.M.X.4 clone called "Topiciaine". It has a side effect of 
turning my skin red while it's soaking in, but this is actually helpful: 
I just aim the Sensor or Cannula into the center of the red area. I 
don't have to "mark" exactly where it is in order to see it after I 
remove the covering wrap and wash up/disinfect before inserting. (BTW, 
Glad "Press 'N Seal" works GREAT as the cover wrap.)
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