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Re: [IP] FW: basal adjustments

At 06:11 PM 1/31/2007, you wrote:
>  I've been on the pump 2 months now...and my doctor has done all my 
> adjustments.
>He will have me write my BG for a couple of weeks and then fax it to 
>his office.
>Then the nurse will call me with any changes to my basal or carb 
>ratios. I don't
>feel comfortable in changing that stuff myself...at least not now 
>and my doctor
>doesn't encourage it. I'd love to hear from others who are changing their own
>ratios themselves.

I didn't change anything myself for the first 3 months.  I was 
constantly e-mailing my CDE to complain about my numbers, and she 
would tell me what to change.  I was running high a lot in the 
beginning and it was driving me crazy, and I didn't think she was 
being aggressive enough in making changes so I finally started to do 
them myself. I did go overboard and I know I ended up setting some 
too high, but I was still pretty new at it.  She yelled at me a lot 
in the beginning.

I just saw her on Monday and she looked at my settings on the pump 
and compared them to what she had written in my file from the last 
visit.  She said that she wished all of her patients knew how to make 
changes on their own, so I guess she (and I) are both much happier 
with the way I do things now.

The key is to not change too many things at once and to give each 
change a couple of days at least to see how it works.  I now will 
actually listen to her suggestions, when in the past I would block 
her out because I felt she was wrong.  This visit she said I should 
change my insulin:carb ratio for lunch to 1:30 (it was 1:28... 
maybe...) and I did it without arguing, because I had been going 
low.  That's worked out great.  She also suggested I change my dinner 
ratio but I know she wasn't looking at my most recent entries, so I 
left that alone.  My 2 hours post-dinner numbers have been good but 
then my BG rises and 3-4 hours later I'm going higher.  That's 
without changing the types of food I eat, so I know that I will have 
to increase a basal rate.

If you make any changes on your own, just test frequently and write 
down everything you changed.  Eventually you should start to do it 
all (mostly) yourself.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed Paradigm 715 5/2005 
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