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>EMLA cream needs to be apply for its greatest effectiveness, 20 minutes
>before insertion and covered with Saran Wrap or similar material. I never
>heard of using it for bee stings. I would hope it would not infect the sting
>site when applied after the fact,  and *smothered* with the wrap.

>I use EMLA cream for my dialysis sites on the Gortex loop in my left
>forearm. Those needles are 2" and the size of Bic ball point refills. I need
>1-1/2 - 2 hours for it to work for me. YMMV

My daughter had a bunch of bee stings, one of which also had the stinger
broken off under the skin.  She was hysterical, wouldn't let me touch it.  I
put some Emla on it for about 20 minutes.  It went numb and I got the stinger
out and cleaned up the wound without having to tie my daughter down.  Better
than an hour's drive to the emergency room I think.

Yessi Palmer
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