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Re: [IP] FW: basal adjustments

>If I have a insulin ratio of 1 unit drops blood sugar 60 points. Then what
>would .05 increment do to increase basal rate? Is based on time. I have
>tried the basal tool but having trouble.

1 U for 60 = .1 U  for 6, and .05 U per hour additional should drop 
you by about 3 per hour.  Remember it's the CHANGE you want to 
tackle, and the basal rate should change an hour or two before you 
want the change in BG.  When do you have meals?  A rise after a meal 
is normal and should not lead to a basal change.

>Here are my average bg's  12:00am  250( = 50 up; +17 per hour 9-12 pm)
>                            3:00am  200  (= 50 down; -17 per hour 12-3 am)
>                            7:00am  227 (=25 up; +6 per hour 3-7 am)
 > 10:00am 180 (=almost 50 down; -17 per hour 7-10 am)
>                           12:00pm  150 (=30 down; -15 per hour 10-12 am)
>                            3:00pm  160 (= 10 up--late effect from lunch?)
>                            6:00pm  180 (= 20 up; +7 per hour 3-6 pm)
>                            9:00pm  200 (= 20 up; +7 per hour 6-9 pm)

I wouldn't change anything more than .05 per hour to start with, and 
I'd keep the 3 am alarm to start with.  Looks to me like raising the 
basal from about 1 or 2 pm to an hour or two before midnight by about 
.05 U /hr would be a starting point--but test, test, test.  You may 
find that a slightly lower BG at bedtime will reduce the overnight 
rises, and you may need to reduce your basal in the early morning as 
well as the late morning.  I do sympathize--I was afraid to go to 
sleep with BG less than 200 on shots.  And don't be afraid to have 
large changes in basal though the day--my highest is over twice my 
lowest.  Us sensitive types (mine's 100 to 75, depending on time of 
day) can change a lot with very slight changes in basal.

>My current basals rates are 12am 0.75
>                              3am 0.75
>                              6am 0.70
>                             12pm 0.70
>Any suggestions on basal changes. My doctor only tells me I know what i need
>to do but I need reassurance alot of the time when it comes to making
>adjustments such as basals.
>My biggest fear is going low at night and not waking up. My wife can sleep
>thru a war. I still set alarm a 3am for this reason. I have controlled the
>drastic peaks and valleys of bgs but what tighter control.

Sue Ann Bowling, North Pole, Alaska
http://climate.gi.alaska.edu/Bowling/Bowling.html (professional--retired)
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