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[IP] Re:Late onset 1

I was dxd last year at age 47. My first endo wouldn't tell me his  diagnosis,
but I was on insulin from the start. I suspected type 1, since my  son was 
type 1
and my brother was diagnosed as type 1 at age 40. Apparently  my first endo
figured I was 47 and overweight and diagnosed me as an out of  control type 
2. I
found this out when I switched endos. The second endo took  one look at my
history, my insulin needs and my blood test results and said I  was type 1 in
control and immediatly suggested a pump. I go tomorrow to start  my saline 
I'm nervous but know it is the best chance I have for a life  as close to 
as I can.


Your endo has to submit a diagnosis to be paid by the insurance  co.  You can 
ask them what his diagnosis was.
Mary Ann
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