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[IP] going to lose my pump in May...

Susan, I know the position you're in. Diabetics are not insurable in GA 
either unless under a group policy if after diagnosis. I don't have 
inurance. I have an animas 1200+ pump though and they have been fantastic to 
deal with. They give me either a  20 or 30% discount off my supplies b/c I'm 
cash pay. So check with Cozmo on that. Also, I fall within an allowance that 
I receive my insulin for free from Novolog. Don't know if what kind you're 
on but I know Eli Lilly (humolog?) also has the same program as the novartis 
people. You can find all the applications online on their website under 
assistance programs. As for strips and meters, the strips are horrendous. I 
found out though that Freestyle is the only company that has an assistance 
program. Go to their website also and download an application. All of ths of 
course is subject to your income. If you're income isn't low enough, it 
won't work, but we're a family of 4 and our NET income let's us qualify. I 
was even able to get my pump much cheaper from Animas b/c I was cash pay, 
made a HUGE difference. Remember to ask your dr's if they give discounts for 
cash pay. Don't be prideful, most dr's will knock that price down b/c 
they're not having to file the insurance. Also, strips and meters: if you 
don't qualify for the freestyle strips and meters, look at either 
truetrack(not as accurater, usually within 10-20 points but better than 
nothing) or George here on IP told us yesterday about the 50/50 strips and 
meter he gets, they are extremely cost effective as well. I  believe the 
costs for truetrack strips works out to around 45 cents a strip and George 
said the 50/50 is below 40 cents a strip. Let me know if I can help you with 
any of it. I've been through it over the last year without insurance. Take 

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