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RE: [IP] Halfway 'round the world . . . (long)

Hi Patrick, What part of the PI are you going to?  I have lived on Luzon off
and on through the years, but I have never ventured south of Batangas or
North of Baguio.

General Advice:

Travel in a Group.
Take the Hotel Bus, not one of the thousands of Jeepnees that will besiege
you when you get outside of the Airport.  Best Advise, have someone that
knows the area meet you.  Very friendly people, low violent crime, high rate
of Petty Crimes.  Most Filipino's I know have a relative meet them at Ninoy
Aquino Airport.
You do know there is an Islamic insurgency going on in the south?  Kidnapped
Foreigners are held for ransom, some have been killed.
Tell the Embassy where you are going so they can send search parties when
you don't show up in a few weeks :-)
When you get where you are going, seek out the local National Police
Barracks.  Speak to the Commander, Get on his good side. "Gifts are a way of
life in the PI"  

> 5.   If the worst happens and I loose 
> all my supplies and/or I need to be
> hospitalized, what should I know beforehand?  

Best advice.... Don't.  You will find pharmacies and medical facilities that
rival the US in Big Cities like Manila, but as you venture into the
backwoods, things go down hill fast.  Once you get off Paved Roads
(literally) Most "Hospitals" consist of little more than store fronts and
pharmacies are non-existent.  Counterfeit drugs are common.

> 6.  Pretty off-topic here, but I'll give it a 
> try.  Anyone have experience with Global 
> Satellite phones in Southeast Asia?  Just thinking . . .

Sat Phones work petty much anywhere, either Globalstar or Iridium, but
expect to pay about $100 a week rental and $4 per min air time.  If you are
not going to far out into the boondocks, the Philippines actually has pretty
good GSM 900/1800 service.  You can get a tri-band that works here in the
states and over there, but it would probably be cheaper to rent/buy one over

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