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Re: [IP] type 1 and children

 I have two children. My youngest we just had a scare with his blood sugars and
had him tested at the drs. He is fine. I did ask her about their chances of
developing T1. She said there is a 4% chance, in my case 6% since my sister is
also T1. They have a 40% chance to develop T2 since it runs in my family. I
would never had my second if I thought there was a better chance of them
developing this disease. If you look at all the problems children can inherit
from their parents, no one would be having children. This is a YMMV thing. I
know I would not change any thing about having my boys.

Ruth Jennison <email @ redacted> wrote:
Some thoughts on this question of children and T1 genes.

I have chosen not to have children for reasons independent of my diabetes.
However, I think it is perfectly rational to decide not to reproduce because
of an increased risk of the child developing diabetes. 
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