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RE: [IP] Parents & Children with Type 1

Let me chime in with a different perspective.

 I think the place to start is by asking yourself "what difference do the odds
make?". Would you not
have a child because he or she might develop diabetes?

 If the odds make a difference in your decision, then I think your next step
might be genetic
 counselling, to see if you can't narrow in on your odds with some more

 Otherwise, I think the strategy becomes: go ahead, and be vigilant for signs of
endocrine issues so
you can address them promptly.

 Of all the endocrine issues I have that my daughter might inherit, diabetes is
the one I most hope
she avoids. She does have vitiligo, so it looks like she got that chromosome.

 But even if she develops diabetes, there's no way in the world I would EVER
regret having her! And,
 in hindsite, had I known of any of my endocrine issues before conceiving her, I
can't now conceive
 of it making a difference in our decision. But maybe my views are colored

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I am sure this has been asked before but I will ask again.
  I have been Type 1 since I was 5 years old. I am now 26 and thinking of having
children. Has there
 been a study on how many children have gotten type 1 if one of there parents
have it?
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