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[IP] Halfway 'round the world . . . (long)

I've only partially followed the posts on traveling with a pump since I fly 
often in the US am fairly travelled outside our fair borders (Russia, 
Australia, & Europe).

However . . .

I'll be travelling to the Philippines in June for a two week trip (very 
primitive once we arrive . . . think jungle, grass airstrip, solar power 
only, etc.).  My group will be building a house during that time. . . lots 
of physical work.

I took a trip a few years back to the highlands in Papua New Guinea, so I 
have a pretty good idea of what to expect .  However, I was on shots 
then.  Waaay different.

It goes without saying that I'll need documentation from my doctor for 
everything I'm carrying.  It also goes without saying that ALL my supplies 
will be with me (never in checked luggage) and that I will be my own 
pharmacy.  I will not rely on anyone for supplies while I'm there, and plan 
to carry double the amount I'll need in slightly different locations (in 
case someone decides that what I have is valuable to them).  ;-)

So, a few inquiries . . .

1.  On a 22-29 hour set of flights, should I update the time on my pump 
every few time zones to stay in sync?  When I travel from the East Coast to 
the West coast, I change the time somewhere over the Rockies and that seems 
to work out ok.

2.  I own a FRIO cool pack . . . will it hold up under high temps with high 
humidity over that two week period, given that I will be "rewatering" it 
ever few days?

3.  With a pretty big change to higher temps and higher humidity  (I'm on 
the East Coast), plus a strenuous work schedule, what are some recommended 
reductions in my basal and bolus rates?  I think I'll start with a 2/3 
REDUCTION in just about everything once we start working, and I'll go from 
there.  I've also considered disconnecting or suspending altogether.  Ideas?

4.  Of course, immunizations will be required.  Any to avoid for any reason?

5.   If the worst happens and I loose all my supplies and/or I need to be 
hospitalized, what should I know beforehand?  (I know, I know, it's really 
open-ended -- sorry).

6.  Pretty off-topic here, but I'll give it a try.  Anyone have experience 
with Global Satellite phones in Southeast Asia?  Just thinking . . .

As always, I appreciate the wealth of information this list provides, along 
with the comradery.

Dxd 1983
Pumping since 2000
Used MM 508, 712
Now using MM 715
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