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RE: [IP] Help! air bubbles in Inset Infusion Sets

Plus, we are assuming that air and insulin have the same viscosity, when
they don't.  Air will compress and expand as the pressure exerted on it
increases and decreases.  Since the delivery system is supposed to be
entirely liquid (Reservoir -> Tubing -> Infusion Set -> Body), there is very
little compression allowed.  But, if air is introduced, along with the body
flexing, can create high and low pressures within the body, and fluctuate

Plus, for me, it itches like crazy when I get air in there...



PS.  And George, I get those 80cm tubing sets by having them get caught on
the doorknobs (and recently at Fry's on the hanging food racks in line.
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From: George [mailto:email @ redacted] 
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At 7:19 PM -0600 1/30/05, Doug Boss wrote:
>.   Plus an 80mm tubing set holds
>in my experience less than 9 units of insulin.  If the tubing were 1/4 air
>that would be 2.5 units that didn't get delivered.  Using your sons insulin
>correction factor you can guess how much insulin we are talking about to
>make his BG go to 500.  I bet its more than 2.5 units.

Actually, there is closer to 1/2 unit per inch of tubing so the 80mm 
(31") tubing has more like 15 units.  Insets only come in 23" and 
43", so we are talking approx. 12 to 24 units of insulin in them. 
Her son is only 5 years old, so if his TDI was around 12, then he 
would have a 133 to 1 Insulin Sensitivity and missing 3 units would 
affect his Bg by 400 points.

George       :>)
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