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RE: [IP] Help! air bubbles in Inset Infusion Sets

Hi Lisa,
Two thoughts for your bubble problem. When you insert the Insets, you have
to be very careful that you've depressed the top middle of the inserter
before you remove it. It also tends to stick a bit, and may be slightly
pulling the canula out when you pull it off. I try to hold the tape in place
with two fingers while removing the inserter.

Another trick I learned while priming my set is to hold the canula up in the
air with the pump down below it, keeping the line as straight as possible
(unkinked as possible) this forces the insulin straight up, and my CDE felt
it helps to eliminate bubbles. Lastly, always check the entire line for air
before inserting.

I've yet to have an air bubble...

Good luck,
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