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[IP] glucophage and fatigue

Thanks for the help from everyone.
Sara has been fortunate and she has not experienced any stomach problems with
the glucophage.
She monitors and tries to maintain BG's in good ranges for training and meets.
There is nothing different there from other years. She has been doing this
since she was 5 (where did the years go) and with diabetes since 8. She seems
to be operating as per normal compared to the last couple of years so no
difference there.
We have found at meets it is better for her performance to be aggressive with
insulin and feed it to assure she has the necessary insulin available to keep
her muscles going in those fast sprints. So I don't think that is the problem
unless the increased up take and usage of the insulin is just throwing her
body off its normal. Could be she needs a bit more carbohydrate before her
workouts even though the BG's are good through out the practices and then
immediately after.
Hydration...now there might be an idea too. Maybe the change in her bodies
insulin availability during exercise is increasing her need for water during
the day form previous levels. Maybe we should try adding another bottle of
water during the school day.
The fatigue has been going on for two months and is all the time. I sometimes
think she could be rip van winkle she sleeps so much.
Her coach says that the swim practices are no more grueling than in past
One of you kind folks probably hit it right when you suggested that her body
is just adapting to something new. She also began taking this in the middle of
swim season (mid December) when training is at its peak and the goal is to
make your body tired. Probably very bad timing, but it was necessary.
Thanks for the help everyone.
P.S, to the person who asked if another person in the DC area had met Natalie
Bellini....Talk to her..we only met her once but got more from her in an hour
than years with other folks......she should be counted as a national
treasure...a valuable resource for anyone who lives in her area.
Pam, mom to Sara
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