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[IP] Ouch! Help!

Background (I don't know if this is relevant): Since I got a cold a few weeks
ago, my BG has been running much higher. I was on doubled doses of steroids
(basically, adding 7.5 mg prednisone, not all that much), but this was a lot
more than I expected based on past experience. I'm now off the prednisone, and
within 15% of my normal replacement dosage, and my TDD is still running about
double what it was before. (Before, I was running about 21 U/day, now I'm >40
U/day). My diet hasn't changed.

So now for my question: Yesterday, I changed my set (MM Silhouette). I
manually insert, and as usual, had no notable pain on insertion. However,
today my set was becoming more sensitive and tender. No visible symptoms. It
got bad enough that I pulled out my emergency set and put that in. Again, it
went in with no problems. I primed it, and all seemed fine.

45 minutes later, the new set was hurting a LOT!  Enough to make walking
painful, and make me wince if I touched the set.

By then, I'd have about 1U or so into me.

So I'm wondering -- what's going on, and what do I do about it? Is this a
reaction to the Humalog? Would that explain the increase in TDD and poorer
control? Or is this perhaps a technique problem, perhaps not inserting deep
enough? Just random karmic payback for having problem-free sites for the last
4 months?

Can I discount the Humalog reaction hypothesis based on the lack of any
visible evidence of a reaction?

I've been sitting down for dinner for about a half hour, and bolused about 4U
(large meal with desert) into the new set, and probably about another 1U
basal. Both sets are hurting a bit less, so I think perhaps moving around was
aggrevating things a bit, but I've never had any pain from my sets like this

The first set was about 4 inches to the side of my navel. The second was a
couple inches above. (I always shave an area for a second set, but this is the
first time I've had to use it.)

Maybe when I get home I'll grab another set and try in my lower abdomen, where
it's less sensitve. (I do normally get more discomfort from my upper abdomen,
but this is well below my ribs).

Any other thoughts?
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