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RE: [IP] Help! air bubbles in Inset Infusion Sets


I just started on a pump recently but I'm confused by your post 

If there really are bubbles in the tubing wouldn't they move down the tube
when blousing ?  I have seen a few bubbles in mine do that.  If it's a BIG
BIG bubble I just prime to move the air out.   Plus an 80mm tubing set holds
in my experience less than 9 units of insulin.  If the tubing were 1/4 air
that would be 2.5 units that didn't get delivered.  Using your sons insulin
correction factor you can guess how much insulin we are talking about to
make his BG go to 500.  I bet its more than 2.5 units.

The outside layer of the tubing on the comforts gets a crack like mark when
it is stressed - it almost looks like a bubble.  

The change in the length of the cannulas may be having an impact on the
absorption. I know that the angle I use on the comforts seems to have a
impact on the absorption....

These problems CAN be solved - just take a deep breath and work it out -
there HAS to be a logical reason.  Worst case just move the site to be sure
there isn't an issue with the site itself - maybe you hit a scar or

Hope this helps 


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Subject: [IP] Help! air bubbles in Inset Infusion Sets

Help! We just started using the inset infusion sets a week ago and my son's
blood sugars have been wildly erratic.  He's had several blood glucose
readings of close to 500 the last few days, yet when I check the bolus
it indicates that he received his entire bolus (he's using the Animas 1200).
There's been no occlusion alarms, no crimped cannulas, and no illness to
account for the high blood sugars. I know I haven't been that far off in
counting his carbs. I've wracked my brain for anything that could cause the
sudden highs. We did go from a 13 mm cannula (tender mini) to a 6 mm cannula
on the inset, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

Tonight I saw what looked like several very large air bubbles in the inset
tubing so I believe that's the cause of our problems. My son loves the
and so do I so I'm very disappointed. I don't want to stop using them. I'm
hoping this is a technique problem and someone can help me. I changed the
infusion set, same problem happened. I use room temperature insulin when
filling the cartridge, all the connections are tight, and there are no air
bubbles in the cartridge that I can see, but still there are large air
in the tubing. If someone has an idea on how to solve this problem I would
forever indebted. These are the first infusion sets my son won't cry over
they're inserted. They've really helped reduce my stress level and I don't
want to have to stop using them.

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