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[IP] ez manager question

hello all,

so, what with the palm/ezmanager combo, ive been VERY compliant with writing
all my info down. Yesterday I finally sat down to look at the info on my
laptop. Here's the thing: am I correct in noticing that there is no basic log
function that shows everything you've entered in the order that you entered
it? the closest i can find to that is the "daily report" - the numbers for bg/
excercise time/ nutritional content are not organized sequentially on this
page, so it takes a LOT of interpretation to see what  x amount of carbs did
for x amount of excerise producing x bg value. is there something im missing
here? i just want to see my sequential log. (there is a basic log in sequence,
but it only shows carbs, insulin and bg. not exercise, not protein, not notes.

hope this made sense.



Ruth Jennison
Assistant Professor
Department of English
170 Bartlett Hall
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-0515
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