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Re: [IP] glocophage and fatigue

> Hi,
> Sara, my daughter, is 18 and pumps (6 + years). She has also been diagnosed
 > with poly cystic ovary disease for which she is now on birth control pills
> glucophage. Sara is also an elite level athlete in swimming. This winter Sara
> has been extremely tired during the training season, much much more than
> usual. She has been doing this along time but this is the first year with the
> birthcontrol pills and the glucophage along for the ride.
> I am wondering if anyone who uses both insulin and glucophage, especially if
> you are athletic, has experienced fatigue that is not the norm for you after
> starting glucophage.
> Thanks to anyone who has good or bad experiences to share.
> Pam
> .

hmm.... I don't take insulin, but I started glucophage (Fortamet) a few 
months ago and noticed the opposite effect. When I play soccer, my 
endurance is better and my recovery from a "chase" or hard sprint is 
faster and more complete. I would expect this since metforim enhances 
the muscle's ability to utilize glucose. I remember my daughter 
remarking a few years ago that her energy level while playing "extreme" 
sports was much higher when her bg's were in the zone (80-150) and that 
if she was high that she just didn't have the endurance or strength to 
perform at her best. This also make sense since in the absence of 
adequate blood insulin levels, the muscles cannot use available 
glucose. I don't know if any of this relates to what your daughter has 
experienced, hope it helps.

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