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[IP] Why Hole in Tegaderm?

Hello Gilles,

Why bother making a hole?  Why don't you simply insert the canula through the
Tegaderm, or IV3000, without punching a hole first?  That is what I've always
done and I see no reason to change.  Comments from anyone, regarding which
approact they take, would be appreciated.

Hal in Seattle
IDDM 25 yrs, pumping last 8 yrs

  From: Gilles Couroux

  Subject: RE: Hole in Tegaderm?

  The purpose of making the hole in the tegagerm is that you can  poke you
canula through the hole  and stick you canula over the tegaderm and will stick
better and last longer.


  From: Hal &/or Jo

  Subject: Hole in Tegaderm?

  You mentioned making a hole in the middle of the Tegaderm with a punch hole
maker.  What is the purpose of the hole?

  From: "Gilles Couroux" <email @ redacted>
  Subject: RE: [IP] Softsets

  Try to install the canula over a tegaderm(with hold in the middle, with a
  puch hole maker). This is what I do and it works like a charm.
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