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[IP] My 12 mo old was just diagnosed


 A few days ago my 12 month old son Will was diagnosed. I've been type 1 since I
was 3 and pumping for 5 years. I haven't participated on the list much since
Will was born, but I need you guys again.

 I guess things are going relatively well, since my husband and I are kinda old
pros at this. We're at Children's Hospital of Philly, and are heading home
tomorrow. Most of the staff here were appalled at the notion of getting him on a
pump, but a wonderful lady at Animas has promised to get him on one within 3
weeks. The plan is to see Dr. Alan Schorr (in PA) Monday or Tuesday, get a scrip
for a pump, and get pumping within a week or so.

 I'd love to hear from anyone with a baby/toddler on a pump, or even any
feedback on Dr. Schorr.

 By the way, we found out as a result of Will's being in the TRIGR study (a
trial to look at the effect of cow's milk on developing diabetes on the
genetically at-risk.) We caught it early and he didn't go into dka. The study is
for babies of type 1's.

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