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RE: [IP] Kidney Again

John, When it comes to blood work, kidney damage is kidney damage, but when
it comes to a biiopsy, you can tell the difference in etiology.

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 >>> I know of no laboratory procedure, that can tell the difference
between, 'kidney damage & diabetic kidney damage. :)
don <<<

Diabetic kidney disease can be differentiated from other kidney diseases via
biopsy.  See the following from Diabetes Care 27:190-194, 2004:

In contrast to hematuria, acanthocyturia is uncommon in patients with the
clinical diagnosis of diabetic nephropathy.  In diabetic patients with
proteinuria, the finding of acanthocyturia points to nondiabetic
glomerulopathies, and renal biopsy should be considered.

And also from the J Am Soc Nephrology 10:1253-1263, 1999:

All patients underwent baseline renal biopsy, but four (15%) were not
randomized because of the presence of nondiabetic nephropathy.

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