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[IP] Re: Kidney Again

"My dad just found out for sure he has diabetic kidney damage.  Any words of
My only suggestion is to avoid traditional NSAID's such as ibuprophen, 
aspirin, naprosyn.  My 24 hour urine test went from 53 mg to 2200 mg in one 
year.  I did some research and I had been taking naprosyn for a year.  I 
suggested to my dr. that maybe I should stop it and he agreed (and later 
wrote it in my chart like it was his suggestion!).  He started me on an ACE 
even though my BP was OK at the time and we tried for tighter control that 
eventually led me to a pump.  One year later there was no detectible amount 
of protein in my urine!  Obviously this is not true for everyone with 
diabetes.  My current endo thinks that I had an acute response to the NSAID 
and that I should not take them at all.  I agree with this.  There have also 
been some studies to show that NSAID cause intestine damage in some people. 
Of course I don't want that either as my intestine was very damaged from 
years of undiagnosed celiac disease.  Hopefully after a year of a gluten 
free diet, it is healing.

"Told my dad is 7.5 A1Cs were fine".
I have had A1C's ranging from 5.7 to 13.9 and my kidneys are fine now. 
There is some luck involved in this.

Type 1 for 31 years - pumping for 5+
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