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[IP] Occlusion Alarm on IR1200

Well, tonight it happened.  Another round of the dreaded occlusion alarms on
my IR1200. :) Thanks to everyone here talking about it about a month ago, I
decided this time I would call Animas about it.  Without me even getting to
the punch line (IE I want a new pump), they offered to overnight me a
replacement.  I am excited to get the new pump because A) Hopefully this
problem will be gone, B) I get the latest software (IE new IOB program), and
least of all C) My current pump looks like it has been through a war zone
(IE the paint is chipped off around the screen pretty bad).

I am sure eventually I would have called about the alarms, but they weren't
happening very often so I didn't really mind too much.  Sometimes I just
don't know what I would do without this forum to keep me up on the latest
pump news and tricks!  THANKS all you IR1200 users who made me realize I
wasn't the only one having this intermittent problem!

Pumping since 5/2000 MM508, 08/2004 IR1200
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