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RE: [IP] Softsets

1. Cleaning the skin is an important step.  I personally change my sets 
after taking a shower so my skin is clean.  It may be a good idea to stay 
away from soaps that contain a skin softener because they leave an oily 
residue behind that may actually make it harder for the infusion set to 
stick to your skin.
2. Apply a clear unscented anti-perspirant to the area where the set will be 
placed to prevent sweat from occuring under the infusion set.
3. Swab the skin with a skin preparation product such as Skin Prep or IV 
Prep to make the skin sticky and bacteria free.  Let the skin dry before 
4. Gorilla Snot works wonders!.  Gorilla Snot is an old military term for 
a really sticky liquid.  Use something like Tincture of Benzoin, Mastisol, 
Skin Tac-h, or Skin Bond to help hold your sets in place. These liquid 
adhesives are placed on the skin before the tape and/or infusion set and 
works like glue to hold it on the skin.  Just remember to let it dry until 
it is tacky to the touch before you put down the tape or infusion set.  If 
it is still a runny liquid, your set will just slide right off your skin. 
Using one of these products will require an adhesive remover to get your 
infusion set off your skin.

I hope this helps,

John Hughes
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