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[IP] missing pump - happy ending

Good news! Jenny's pump mysteriously reappeared today on a bench in the 
PE locker room. A teacher found it and gave it to the nurse who called 
us. It's in perfect condition. I had them call Jenny into the office so 
she  basal rates etc, got new tubing and put it on. Still had 45 units 
of insulin left in it. I'm guessing another student picked it up 
thinking it was a pager or mp3 player. Then heard through the 
announcements yesterday and realized they had no use for it. The locker 
room bench was a place to dump it and not get blamed for stealing. I'm 
just relieved. I called Animas, the police department, and our home 
owners insurance to spread the good news.

I want to thank everyone on IP for their suggestions. I also want to 
mention how wonderful Animas' customer service was during this. They 
shipped a loaner out yesterday, which we got today. The local sales rep 
called to see what he could do to help. When I called the customer 
service rep this morning to get the serial number for the police 
report, she asked about Jenny and how she was doing. I might have 
expected a question about whether or not I had contacted our homeowners 
insurance yet. Instead, the question was caring. When I called her back 
with the good news, she was thrilled - not as a representative of a 
company, but as a concerned human being.

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