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Re: [IP] microalbumin

 My last micro score was 25 I think, before that it was in the 30 something, but
at first was 65 and that was when my endo at the time,,, put me on a ACE
inhibitor, Accupril. I redently changed a year ago, to Diovan which is a
Angiotensin 2 receptor antagonist. My present endo changed it from accupril to
diovan. I take 160mg of it 2 times a day, but sometimes I can get away at once a
day in the morning. My blood pressue was high at the time my protein was leaking
at 65 mg/dL. So almost any blood pressure lowering med will also protect your
kidneys. Typically if your microalbumin stays under 300, you are still safe. If
it goes higher then 300, then it gets to MACROabluminuria and usually means
irreversible renal failure. Dont let this bother you. Controlling of blood sugar
and blood pressure and taking a BP lowering med will keep this from happening,

Ruth Jennison <email @ redacted> wrote:
Hi all,

I recently got a "score" of 32 on my microalbumin test. Normal, apparently, is
under 20. A repeat test came in at 22. I'm meeting with the endo tomorrow to
 discuss the results. I'm pretty devastated- my A1Cs (age 21-30) have always
in the low to mid sixes. Yikes. My question is: is it best to be followed by a
nephrologist immediately? I am very very nervous- partially because of the
beginning kidney disease, partially because I envision a lot more restrictions
on my life (lower protein, even tighter control; being more serious about blood
pressure; low salt; no heavy excerise blah blah). Has anyone been able to
reverse beginning kidney stuff and if so, how?

Thanks from Ruth, who feels down about her first "complication"
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