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Re: [IP] Horns of a dilemma: Do I want a minimed or animus pump?

At 05:31 PM 1/27/2005, Sarah Dowdell wrote:
>As for why I went with the MM512, I personally felt after my research that 
>if I had to rank them, the Deltec Cozmo was the most advanced pump, with 
>the MM second and the Animas lagging a little behind (YMMV).  I did not 
>like the look of the Cozmo (thicker than the others and shaped oddly, and 
>I already thought my 508 was too thick) and had read reports of the 
>buttons being difficult to push (which was the reason I went with the 508 
>over the H-Tron years ago--I just couldn't seem to push the H-Tron buttons 
>effectively).  I also found out after talking with MM that if I returned 
>my old pump I would get a $500 rebate, which made the overall out of 
>pocket expense for me to be $0 (a HUGE plus).  I've never had a negative 
>experience over 5 years of dealing with MM and every interaction I've had 
>with them has gone very smoothly.  I've also never had a major problem 
>with their pumps malfunctioning and I didn't want to spend the extra $500 
>to go with an unknown.

I went with the Animas after my H-Tron because I wanted more features.  I 
love my IR1200.  I understand that the IR1250 will have even more features, 
and I plan to upgrade my 1200 as soon as they have the upgrade plan in 
place.  I'm not that familiar with the newer MiniMed pumps, but some of 
them are proprietary with infusion sets.  You might want to check into 
that.  Animas pumps are able to use any luer lock connected infusion 
sets.  Some MiniMeds cannot.   And, Animas is waterproof and yes, you can 
leave it on when bathing or showering, I would just be careful of the bath 
temperature being too hot and affecting the insulin.  Most pump companies 
will give some kind of trade-in allowance on old pumps (Animas told me I 
could trade in my old H-Trons, but I didn't need to since my insurance pays 

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