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[IP] Re: company redirecting a customer

>  I have trouble believing this, a company is not going to tell a
client to go to
> another company and loose all that money due to a malfunction. They
> investigate and correct the problem.

In the early '80s a drug store had coupons sporadically for $ off if you
took in a new Rx. I did each time they offered one as I slowly acquired
new Rx's for diff. meds. The drugologist finally blocked me in their
computer that I could no longer use a coupon. Now, mind you, I got
refills (ongoing meds) which did not qualify for these benefits but the
store got the business. I discussed this matter (blocking me) with him
that nowhere did it say limit one per customer. He said the idea was for
a customer to use one coupon one time, like it and keep returning. He
told me to go elsewhere. I am still taking many of those meds - and do
you have any idea how many $$$ they have lost due to that *suggestion*?

Same way with the BG strips in a truck in 50F weather for 5 days. She
didn't like my attitude and told me to get them elsewhere. I test 6-14x
a day. They, too, have lost by not working something out and/or
correcting the problem.

Therefore, it is possible one employee was having a bad day and took it
out on the client. One employee does not an entire company make. (~_^)

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