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Re: [IP] Horns of a dilemma: Do I want a minimed or animus pump?

I recently (October) went through researching pumps to upgrade from my MM508 
and what I found was that the MM512 (at the time) had the paradigm pathway 
(no others had a similar path yet, although the Animas just started one this 
year) and did allowed for wired downloads (so the MM515 is not the first 
with that capability).  Also, it was the MM that has the wireless BG monitor 
integration to the pump and not the Animas.  It's really hard to say who's 
ahead with the integrated continuous glucose monitor because both MM and 
Animas claim to have them in the works (not sure about Deltec/Smith's 
Medical) and MM actually has more info posted about them, as well as the 
3-day continuous monitor already out for use (and claim a pump with CGM 
integrated is in clinical trials), leading me to believe that they have the 
edge there.  Your worries about keeping carb calculations in your head are 
unfounded with either pump since both pumps calculate your bolus based on 
the # of carbs entered plus a correction based on your BG and minus IOB 
(insulin on board).  The only two downfalls I found with the 512 have been 
fixed in the 515 (changing the length of time of the insulin on board and 
the clock on the home screen) and overall I'm very happy with my choice of 
the 512.

It sounds like either pump will be fine for you since the major issue is the 
integration with a continuous glucose monitor, and I personally think any 
guess as to which will come out first with the technology is a complete crap 
shoot at this point.  All three pump companies have similar technologies in 
their pumps and one is not leaps and bounds above the rest.  I would guess 
you could ask all of the members on this mailing list to rank the pumps, and 
you would get nearly as many different responses as their are responders 
(YMMV).  I do think the most likely possibility with the CGM is that all 
three pump companies will come out will similar technologies within a year 
of each other so it really won't matter that much in the long run (again 
YMMV).  It seems that technology has a habit of doing this since they all 
have at least a vague idea of what the other companies are working on and 
when they will be releasing them, and therefore it becomes a race to the 
finish line.

As for why I went with the MM512, I personally felt after my research that 
if I had to rank them, the Deltec Cozmo was the most advanced pump, with the 
MM second and the Animas lagging a little behind (YMMV).  I did not like the 
look of the Cozmo (thicker than the others and shaped oddly, and I already 
thought my 508 was too thick) and had read reports of the buttons being 
difficult to push (which was the reason I went with the 508 over the H-Tron 
years ago--I just couldn't seem to push the H-Tron buttons effectively).  I 
also found out after talking with MM that if I returned my old pump I would 
get a $500 rebate, which made the overall out of pocket expense for me to be 
$0 (a HUGE plus).  I've never had a negative experience over 5 years of 
dealing with MM and every interaction I've had with them has gone very 
smoothly.  I've also never had a major problem with their pumps 
malfunctioning and I didn't want to spend the extra $500 to go with an 

I wish you the best of luck with your decision and you'll be much happier 
with either pump than with MDI.  :)

Sarah, dx '92, pumping '00.

I've read a number of comments on both minimed and animus; It turns out I
could have my choice through my HMO but I'm pretty much out of time.
Until I subscribed to this list I had thought, for some reason, that
minimed was clearly the "best" out there (who knows, perhaps because that
appears to be the preference of the diabetes educators and who knows
why).  However, at this point I regard them as roughly equivalent in
basic action but:

Minimed 515: has (1) an approx. $200 path (which I guess Animus lacks?)
and (2) only beginning with the 515 allows wired downloads of information
to a computer for printing

Animus:  (1) has a build in, programmable carb counter for favorite foods
and, presumably, the pump adopts its delivery based upon carbs entered?
(2) has wireless integration with an insulin meter (3) has fairly
sophisticated (?) wireless download capability? (4) IS WATERPROOF (so I
don't have to bag the meter for a shower or bath?)

I'm really in the dark on animus but from what I'm reading it sounds as
though they are YEARS ahead of minimed?  What I'm looking for is overall
minimal intrusiveness, maximal "automation" (think its stupid to be
keeping a hand log of my carb count if there is a computer built into the
pump), and -- probably most important -- the best upgrade path toward a
totally integrated solution involving a CONTINUOUS GLUCLOSE METER.

I would appreciate opinions, especially from those who are most familiar
with both pumps and companies.  I would appreciate FAST information if
possible as I'm currently being set up for a minimed 515 but could
probably get an animus instead if I move quickly.

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