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[IP] kidney again

Hi Alicia,
I also just found out last year "04( I think around April)  that I was
functioning @ 50%.  My foot doctor (he's the greatest for info) explained to
me that after 43 yrs being a diabetic, I should be functioning @13-10%(in
other words dialysis) and that even non- diabetics do not function @ 100%!
As we age, we all lose some percentage.  As for diet this is all I know so
far:  Stay away from sodium (salt), potassium, phosphorus, protein(milk,
cheeses) and B12.  Here is the website that I looked up.  Hope it helps.  I
didn't mind missing out on the sugars too much, but boy pleese don't take
away the salt too! LOL   >:(
www.kidney.org/ <http://www.kidney.org/> 
D43yrs, dx'd @ age5, will pump soon!
Marie Ricca


Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 10:19:15 -0500

From: Alicia Kost <email @ redacted>

Subject: [IP] Kidney Again

My dad just found out for sure he has diabetic kidney damage. Any words of 


He has 50 percent function. Had no clue until this last checkup. His 

doctor is to blame as far as I am concerned. Told my dad is 7.5 A1Cs were 


I am very upset. Anyone with experience please help :(

Alicia (type 1 22 years, no complications, pumping 8 years, last A1C 5.3) 

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