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RE: [IP] Type 2 Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome

 The reason for this is that a major one of cortisol's (hydrocortisone's) many
functions, is to make
glucose available for long-term stress.

 Without it, your liver shuts down gluconeogenisis (production of glucose from
proteins). If you're
 diabetic and on a low-carb diet, this spells depletion of your glucose stores.
Glycolysis is also
 affected. Your body also becomes more sensitive to insulin. I'd bet that's why
I'm so
 insulin-sensitive -- although that declines when I'm on higher doses of
steroids for illness.

 But (as you know) that's not the biggest danger. Going into shock from low
blood pressure and
 dehydration is the big danger. Cortisol affects both the blood vessels and the
heart. Aldosterone
 keeps in the sodium and thus the water. An adrenal crisis is a major medical
emergency, treated with
 100mg hydrocortisone by IV, lots of saline, and careful monitoring of the
electrolytes. A crisis can
 be triggered by illness, trauma, surgery, or stress, when cortisol needs are
higher, or just by
prolonged deficiency.

 In the 4 years before diagnosis, I had it blamed on pneumonia + bladder
infection (both probably
 incorrect), pneumonia (real) a couple times, "we can't find anything wrong",
and cardiac (disproven
 by emergency angiogram). The only time I've been in the ER in the year since
was when I was
vomitting and needed my steroids by IV.

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 Bob,I know about the Schmid't Syndrome, naturally. One thing that never seems
to compute in my brain
 is how diabetics like us can turn into a hypoglycemics, without the insulin! In
1991, when the
 adrenal problem was diagnosed and I had spent 5 days in intensive care, it was
all I could do to
 keep my sugars at 110. I probably ate more than twice as much as I usually do
but lost 35
 pounds...hard way to do that one! Doctors orders were to throw the sugar back
in the diet. My
husband was going "but she's a diabetic".....:)
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