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[IP] My son is now pumping!!

Yesterday Joseph had his pump start, and it went
great!  We had no problem doing the insertion (which I
was most anxious about).  We used the Inset and
inserted in one of his very small "love handles." 
Last night at midnight he was 76.  Normally, at that
time I would have to give him a snack to prevent the
inevitable low, but last night I took his basal down
from .125/hr to .075.  At 3am, he was 102, and at 6am
he was 103... incredible!

I know he'll hit some bumps as we get further along,
but the fact that he didn't need a shot at dinner or
bedtime or breakfast this morning has me so choked up.
 He is loving the pump... loves being able to put his
carbs in and bolus himself, loves not having to wait
for the nurse at school to draw up a shot before his
lunch...  this is just so great.  

This afternoon we complete our pump training, and then
that's it.  Although, I have left a message with our
Animas rep about the new IR 1250, since he told me in
December that we would get a free upgrade if the new
version came out within a month of our purchase... 
hopefully we'll qualify (we received the pump on
12/31, but couldn't get training til yesterday!).  I
really want the upgrade because it will give us some
of the things I really liked about the Deltec (the
ability to program and name specific food boluses) and
more (a customized 500-item food database on the pump
that Joseph could access at anytime-- i.e, he loves my
pesto pasta-- I could enter this food item with the
carb, fat, protein, etc.. then he could access it by
name, from his pump... awesome).

Sooo, I'm sure we'll have questions as we move further
along, but I just want to thank all of you for the
wonderful information you've provided in these months
leading up to our pump start.  I don't think we would
have gotten Joseph on the pump so soon after diagnosis
had I not had access to the knowledge and support
provided by the people on this forum.

Sandra, mom to Joseph, age 9 dx'd 8/19/04 -- pumping
with the Animas IR 1200 and very happy not to be
getting any shots today!!
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