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RE: [IP] Humilin R U-500

>From what I remember, FDA approval is somewhat a tricky issue.  Humalog was
not "approved" for use in the pump, but my original doctor put me on it.
The FDA approval process is done to ensure that the usage meets criteria and
is considered "safe".  I'm just remembering all this stuff over the last
year.  The bottom line is that your doctor (actually you) is responsible for
your treatment, and if something doesn't sound right, question it.  My
doctor had me on Humalog, in syringes, for 3 months before I went on the
pump.  For me, it was a small step.

Now, I am willing to believe that there are mistakes in my assessment.  I
also believe that others will let me know (rather quickly).

For the people using U-500 in the pumps, and those thinking of it, this is
always a YMMV thing.  Since U-500 is 5 times more concentrated that U-100,
to me it makes sense to bolus 1/5 the amount.  Being an engineer, this makes
perfect sense, but to others (who have strengths elsewhere; don't even try
to get me to draw anything...) this may be a bit much to do the calculus
involved.  To me, that makes it more fun...

As always, on this site, people share ideas and the people following them
should ALWAYS remember that their mileage may vary.  What works for me may
not work for you, but I'll try what you do and see how it goes.  From this
list, I have learned from others:

1.	Have a sense of humor
2.	Go a few weeks of inserting on one side of my stomach, and then do
the other to give the unused side a chance to heal.
3.	Bolus a little when low, and eating that Snickers bar.  That keeps
me from going high.
4.	Encouragement is far better than beating people up for attempts.
(by the way, I have lost 20 lbs on the South Beach Diet)
5.	Don't try the South Beach diet while buying a house, moving in, and
trying to eat few carbs, without adjusting your basal rates down.
6.	You don't have to change your tubing every time.

Hope this helps,


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Hello all,
Is there anyone out there that is pumpin Humilin R U-500?  I just  started 
using it.  I've been told that it is not FDA approved for use in  the pump.
am a 1:3 on U-100.  
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