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RE: [IP] Type 2 Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome

 Did you know that the combination of Addison's and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is
called "Schmidt's
 Syndrome"? No doubt named after a Doctor Schmidt, not the patient, so this
suggest a doctor, not
disease, in your family tree.. ;=)

 Anyway, it's a long list. Topping the list for Addison's and hypothyroid would
be fatigue. For
 hyperthyroid it would be nervousness and palpitation (awareness of your heart
beating, often

* Fatigue
* Salt craving
* Muscle weakness
 * Lightheadedness on standing, due to low blood pressure and/or low blood
* hyponatremia (low sodium) leading to dehydration
* hyperkalemia (high pottassium)
 * darkening of the skin -- especially in the creases of your palm, or where
clothes rub, or new
 * A decrease in your insulin requirements, and increasing tendency to
hypoglycemia. (I actually
stopped insulin for a while!)
* Shakiness
 * Exercise intolerance -- you get real wiped out and shakey with minor amounts
of exercise.
* Heat intolerance
* Loss of appetite, nasuea
* Loss of weight
* Vommiting
* Difficulty focusing
* "Flank pain" -- pain in the back near the kidneys
* Loss of libido
* "Depression"

* Fatigue
* Weakness
* Weight gain/difficulty losing weight
* Coarse, dry hair
* Hair loss
* Rough, pale, dry skin
* Cold intolerance/difficulty staying or getting warm, cold feet
* Muscle cramps & aches
* Constipation
* "Depression"
* Irritability
* Memory loss
* Abnormal menstuation
* Loss of libido

* Palpitations
* Heat intolerance
* Nervousness
* Insomnia
* Breathlessness
* Increased bowel movements or diahrea
* Light or absent menstrual periods
* Fatigue
* Fast heart rate
* Trembling hands
* Weight loss
* Muscle weakness
* Warm moist skin
* Hair loss
* Staring gaze
* Bulging eyes

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Can you explain some of the symptoms to look for?
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